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For decades, Columbia 300 has been revered as a leader in providing outstanding Entry-Level options, and it was one of our goals to preserve this reputation by introducing familiar products in this category. The Beast is a?main staple of?the Columbia 300 line. There are several color options as well as hybrid options for added performance.


Blue Dot


The Blue Dot is a harder polyester than the Columbia 300 White Dots. A harder cover allows for the slickest performance even on the driest lane conditions, making the Blue Dot the most reliable spare ball for any bowler.




The?Command?is a strong asymmetric pearl, which together creates excellent mid-lane and continuation. The core and cover are all-new and have been developed to produce more motion from a shiny pearl than seen before in the Columbia 300 line.


Dynamic Swing Pearl


The?Dynamic Swing Pearl?is poured in a similar color combo to the original Dynamic Swing, but the addition of pearl to all colors and a compound finish gives the Columbia 300 fans a great complement to the dull, hybrid original Dynamic Swing. The eye-catching?Dynamic Swing Pearl?is impressive for its appearance and the sideways reaction you’ll get…


Outlook Solid


One of the things that consumers have always relied on Columbia 300 for is a mid-performance line that provides a lot of performance. The Outlook performed great on medium to dry lanes, and the new?Outlook Solid?fills a gap in the Columbia 300 line-up by giving you a strong, solid, symmetric ball. The?Outlook Solid?will excel on…


Power Torq


This?Power Torq?is not a remake of the early 1990s Power Torq, we revisited the name as homage to the brand?s history, but the core and cover combination are new. We increased our development and testing process for this ball, and you?ll see evidence of this when you watch the ball motion. We are back to…


White Dot


The White Dot is the most popular polyester ball in history because of its consistent durability and color. Whether you?re a youth bowler or a beginner, or an experienced bowler who needs to pick up some spares, Columbia 300 has a White Dot that will fit your personality and improve your game.