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Honor Roll

Dave's World of Bowling

Honor Roll & Testimonials

At Dave's World of Bowling, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions
to the bowling community as a premier provider of services for the Cincinnati area.

jeff highest game...

I bowl on the varsity team for Harrison high school. My highest game was 279 this year with a Storm Wipe Out purchased from Dave’s World of Bowling. “

-Jeff Grieser

...Cutting edge on the technology of ball drilling...

Dave and Mike are cutting edge on the technology of ball drilling. I am 52 years old and was ready to give up with the competitive side of bowling. Dave came up with a ball layout for me for oily lanes. Now I am able to compete with the young guys. Thank you Dave and Mike I don’t have to quit the game I love.

-Chuck Degaro, Hall of Fame 2010

Dave and Mike get me back in the winner's circle.

Dave’s World of Bowling keeps my game on the top level. I never have to worry about bad layouts or wrong spans. When my game starts to fall off dave and mike get me back in the winners circle.

-Jeff Grieser

They have it all and the best customer service...

From a manufacturer's perspective, Daves World of Bowling is what a pro shop should be! Open on time, clean, and represents all manufacturers in the bowling world. They have it all and the best customer service I have come across in my travels. Dave, Mike and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable on balls, bags, shoes and accessories. Highly recommend!!!

-Brian Bever, Product Specialist for Brunswick, KR Strikeforce and

A lot of hard work goes into making it look easy.

One would think putting 3 holes in a bowling ball would not be that difficult yet as a very wise person once stated "A lot of hard work goes into making it look easy”. That in a word is what Dave's World of Bowling has done for bowlers in the Greater Cincinnati Bowling Association and beyond.

Knowledge and Experience on the latest needs for the modern game is the exact result you will find at Dave’s World of Bowling. I myself am a beneficiary of the Knowledge and Experience of the entire staff at Dave’s World of Bowing. 300 games, 800 series, Tournament wins, City Titles to name a few are all a testament to the entire staff at Dave’s World of Bowling. Knowing that the entire staff are constantly look to improve their Knowledge and that their Experience and Dedication are unmatched by any Pro Shop in the Tri-State area helps me to just leave it to the guys. I know I will always get a quality product that fits me and my game for a most enjoyable bowling experience.

-Don Daniels

I bowled my first 300 game...

I bowled my first 300 game on 10/06/12 just two days after my birthday. I want to thank Mike for drilling my Grape Vibe!

-Natalie Taylor

“Dave's World of Bowling is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results.”

- Bowling Family

Did you recently bowl your highest game, pick up the 7-10 split or just want to say "Hey - you guys drilled my ball and I love it"?

Take a photo of yourself and bowling ball and send to us to post on the site!

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